Welcome to Calm Waters Therapy

Therapy services are unique to each individual client. It begins by assessing needs and sorting out the client’s goals/difficulties/desires by working together to formulate a way of reaching those goals. People seek treatment for a variety of reasons – depression, anxiety, personal crisis, burnout, trauma, and relationship difficulties, to name a few. People often look for guidance in sorting out a specific problem, to try to change self-defeating behaviors, or just wanting a change in their lives.  We are dedicated to helping our clients to feel they are better able to manage their emotions and stressors through compassion, empathy, and unconditional positive regard, while assisting those in our care to feel more empowered as individuals and human beings.

Mission Statement

Quality healing services for mind, body, and soul that builds upon strengths and allows for conscious nurturing of individual and relational growth.

Vision Statement

Helping to reach more people by providing eclectic and alternative ways of healing.